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Sister Act (1992)

1992 PG
0.315 /5 Rating
Sister Act (1992)

Deloris Wilson, a black woman who has chosen the stage name Deloris Van Cartier, is a Reno lounge singer, she the lead in a girl trio in which she also chooses and arranges the music and choreographs the shows. She is a wisecracking, flamboyant woman who has always loved music. She, however, only has the job being hired by her married lover, Vince LaRocca, to sing in his lounge. She learns of Vince's true business as a gangster when she walks in on him killing one of his employees who wronged him. As a witness to the murder, Deloris goes on the run to the police, Lt. Eddie Souther who has long been running an operation to get enough evidence to put Vince behind bars, this murder which could be the proverbial nail in Vince's coffin. However, Vince has put a contract out on Deloris' life to prevent her from testifying against him. As such, Eddie has to hide her until the trial, which will be at least two months. Where Eddie chooses is St. Katherine's, a poor Catholic parish and convent ...

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